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Window Stickers, Asset Tags, Property I.D., Security, Warning, Tamper Evident, Foil, and Embossed.

Self adhesive labels can be manufactured out of a wide variety of substrates, typically; paper, card, vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, and aluminium with a wide variety of adhesives for various applications, e.g. permanent, removable, high tack, frost fix, water soluble etc.

Self adhesive labels can be supplied cut to any shape either on the roll or in sheets.

Labels can also be supplied with the added protection of a clear polyester laminate bonded to the surface to help protect against weather, abrasion, solvents etc. We can also laminate with polycarbonate or iridescent films to help give a special ‘exclusive’ finish to your label.

Our goal isn’t only to produce labels, we want to provide solutions.